Ginseal® has been acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers in high-performance sealing products since its establishment in 1997 in CiXi, China. With a production base of over 8,000 sqm and advanced machinery and facilities, Ginseal continuously offers clients not only products with high standard, but also individually tailored solutions.


After more than a decade’s efforts, Ginseal has built an extensive client base globally and the products have been widely used in many industries including chemicals and petrochemicals, refining, pulp and paper, power generation, semiconductor, primary metals, food and pharmaceuticals, mining and original equipment manufacturers etc.


As a company certified with ISO9001 in 2000, and an executive member of the Static Sealing Branch of CHPSA and Cixi Seal Association, quality is always the key. A number of certificates and awards, such as the State Administration of Machinery Industry Quality Award, has emphasized the outstanding quality of the products made by Ginseal.


By combining the most innovative products with unparalleled quality and environmental commitment, Ginseal will continue to enhance its brand and retain its leadership by delivering world-class sealing solutions that remain functional for a long term.


In April 2013 we have updated the whole corporate identity system by redesigning our logo and changing English name from “Jinshan” to “Ginseal”, for a more international company image and a more vibrant future.

Why choose us

G uaranteed on-time delivery
 I   nnovative technology
N ational and international reputation
S afety and security
E xcellent quality and service
A ssurance of competitive price
L eading industry supplier

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