Metal Jacketed Gasket
An economical seal for where sealing faces are narrow and it can be produced in a variety of shapes. It is used for heat flanges, exhaust gases, narrow flanges. GINSEAL® jacketed gaskets are made of a thin metallic outer shell that contains a resilient filler material. The metal casing protects the filler and is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion.

● Economical
● easy to handle and install
● suitable for high temperature
● suitable for narrow flanges
● good blow-out resistance

Material available
Jacketed material: Carbon steel, soft iron, SS304, SS316, 316L, SS321,
SS410, brass, copper, inconel
Filler material: non-asbestos, graphite,


Single Jacketed
Item No.: JSG-MJ10
intended for narrow applications. Consists of a soft filler encased with
metal on one face and both edges.

Single Jacket With Overlap
Item No.: JSG-MJ20
Where full coverage is needed and flange is narrow relative to gasket ID.
Intended for use when fully enclosed jacket is needed in narrower widths

Double Jacketed
Item No.: JSG-MJ30
Where full coverage is needed and flange is wide relative to gasket ID.

Double Jacketed With Double Shell
Item No.: JSG-MJ40
Stronger and more rigid than double jacket gasket.

Double Jacketed Corrugated
Item No.: JSG-MJ50
Corrugations create a labyrinth seal across the gasket face.

Welded Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Welded metal-jacketed gaskets are manufactured in a wide range of sizes
and styles.

Benefits over one-piece gaskets with integral bars:
Lower price - Costs savings 10% to 40%
Quicker delivery - Less time to manufacture
Technically superior and safer - Extra sealing safeguards give a better
Longer sealing life - seal independently of the outer ring.

How to order
Size: 810x830x3.2
Material: SS304+Graphite
Type: Double Jacketed Gasket Flat ring (without bars)
Double Jacketed Gasket R type (with one centre bar)

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