Filling Material
GINSEAL die-formed / molded graphite rings are manufactured from an extensive range of existing tooling. New costomized tooling to meet specific customer requirements and to ensure on time delivery , normally in a range of densities from 1.2 g /cm³ to 1.8 g / cm³ with Carbon content ranging from 99% to 99.85% Corrosion and oxidation resistant grades and PTFE impregnated grades are also supplied. Self-adhesive graphite tape is upon request.

Die-formed Graphite Ring
Item No.: JSP-DF10
Die-formed graphite rings are made from permanently elastic,
expanded graphite (purity >99.85 %) without binders or fillers. Therefore
this profile rings are almost maintenance free, for severe temperature
changes and /or extreme temperatures. The packing is a standard
solution for all media in nearly all large and small boiler installations.

Operating range
p (valves) = max. 800 bar (valves),
p (fans) = 10 bar
Sliding velocity:
vg (valves) = 2 m/s
vg (fans) = 10 m/s
Temperature: t = -200 °C ... +500 °C, steam: +550 °C, inert ambience:
3,000 °C
Chemical resistance: pH = 0 ... 14
Resistant to almost all organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, oils and

Forms of supply
Available as complete ring or split rings.
Metal wire & corrosion inhibitor & PTFE impregnated can be added to
provide excellent seal ability.

Die-formed Gland packing Ring
Item No.: JSP-DP10
Die-formed gland packing rings are manufactured through molding of
flexible graphite materials and various braided packing, Sealing for
valves, pumps etc.

Specifications available

Forms of supply
Available as complete ring (first installation) or split rings (replacement)

Self-adhesive graphite tape
Item No.: JSP-EX10

Corrugated graphite tape with self-adhesive coating, with corrosion
inhibitor, are all available on request.

Operating range
Package: 2 kgs/roll, other sizes are also available on request
Temperature: -240 up to +550 deg.C under oxidizing environment
-240 up to +3500 deg.C under non-oxidizing environment
PH: 0~14
Max. Pressure: 100 bar ( without wire reinforcement)
200 bar (with wire reinforcement).

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