PTFE Sheet
GINSEAL® PTFE Sheets can provide very low resistance with mating components to offer a free running sideway surface requiring minimal momentum to move products or components. It has a very low surface energy and does not adhere to the flanges. PTFE sheet is available as pure PTFE sheet, Filled PTFE sheet and Expanded PTFE sheet.

Pure PTFE Sheet
Item No.: JSS-PT10
Made of pure virginal PTFE, GINSEAL® PTFE sheet is a cost-favorable
alternative for use with low mechanical stress and low pressure-temperature load.
According to different production process:

Skived PTFE Sheet
Thickness is available from 0.5mm up to 6mm.
Molded PTFE Sheet
Thickness is available up to 50mm

Expanded PTFE Sheet

Item No.: JSS-PT20
Expanded PTFE effectively fills flange imperfections for a tight,
leak-free seal. It is easily compressed under lower loads, beneficial for
applications such as FRP or glass-lined flanges with good creep
resistance and bolt torque retention properties even under higher
compressive force.
Size available:
1500x1500 thickness is from 0.5mm to 6mm.

Filled PTFE Sheet
Item No.: JSS-PT30
The filled PTFE sheet are molded PTFE resin mixed with the most
frequently used filler materials, glass fiber, carbon fiber and graphite,
etc. This style sheet has improved compression strength, better
abrasion resistance, high thermal conductivity and lower expansion
compared with pure PTFE sheets.

Tensile strength: to 10Mpa
Prssure: to 16Map
Temperature: -180~+260°C

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