Kammprofile Gasket
GINSEAL ® kammprofile Gasket is made up of serrated metal core with a soft facing material. The flat metal core is machined on each contact face with concentric serrations . It is the preferred design when improved performance at low seating stresses is needed.


Basic Type
Item No.: JSG-KM11,
Without guide ring, it's used for tongue & groove or male & female
flange. Typically used as a heat exchanger gasket, as an upgrade to
double jacketed gaskets when lower load is needed.

Loose Outer Ring Type

Item No.: JSG-KM12,

loose outer ring type is regarded as a problem solver for heat exchanger,

large vessels and equipment

Fixed Outer Ring Type
Item No.: JSG-KM13,

integral outer ring type is for aligning purpose. It’s used in raised flanges.

Core design
Standard core design is parallel which offers the advantages of even
stress distribution across the gasket face.
Convex core is a reduced depth of the grooves towards the profile
centre, ensuring a high seating stress in the middle of the core and is
effective for low bolt load applications
Core thickness is usually 3.0 mm (0.125") (nominal); other thicknesses
and materials are available
Standard facing thickness is 0.5 mm (0.020"); other thicknesses and
materials are available

Core Material
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 304L, Stainless Steel
316, Stainless Steel 316L, Stainless Steel 321, Stainless Steel 347,
20Cb-3 (Alloy 20), Hastelloy B 2, Hastelloy C 276, Incoloy 800, Incoloy
825, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel X750, Monel 400, Nickel 200,
Titanium (see more information in our products catalogue)

Layer Material
Flexible Graphite, PTFE, EPTFE, Non-asbestos, Silver (see more
information in our products catalogue)

Marking (standard):
Marking on outer ring:
- Manufacturer
- Nominal Size - Pressure Range
- Core Material + Filler Material
- Manufactured to (standard)

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